With ever rising copper prices, it is all to ease to spend far too much on long “over-sized” electrical cable runs – essential to compensate for the inherent voltage drop.

Bedford, England May 20, 2008 – Ashley Edison has just announced the availability of its new range of indoor (IP20) and outdoor (IP54) AC Volt Drop Constant Voltage Compensators, specifically designed for electrical installations where large volt drops, across long cable runs, are all too often an inherent and expensive problem to solve. By installing an Ashley Edison Compensator these costly voltage drops are now able to ‘compensated’ for, by boosting up voltage and keeping it constant, and as a result ensuring substantial savings on site electrical power cabling costs.

Installations with long cable runs have an inherent problem of developing high voltage drops across their cables“, said Alan Dover, Sales Director of Ashley Edison UK. “To overcome this in the past it has been necessary to select and use larger sized electrical cables in order to reduce such voltage drops to an acceptable level. In recent years copper prices have risen significantly and under IEE compliant situations the choice of power cable size can now have a really significant impact on project installation costs. Utilizing an Ashley-Edison Voltage Drop Compensator is a really compelling alternative as its unique design eliminates the need to “over-size” power cables and in today’s increasing price conscious electrical installation market delivers sizeable project cost savings”.

With Single and Three Phase versions available in rating up to 1,000 kVA, models are offered for both indoor (IP20) and outdoor (IP54) use. Where required additional load protection features, such as Surge Suppression and Lightening Arresting, are available to help protect loads from potential problems.